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Meetings :

1.  The ordinary meeting of the General Council shall be held once a year. The meeting will transact

the following items of business.

(i)  Confirmation of the minutes of last General Council Meeting.

(ii)  Adoption of annual report.

(iii)  Adoption of audited statement of accounts.

(iv)  Consideration and adoption & approval of the budget for the ensuing year.

(v)  Election of office bearers and members of the Executive Committee (Once in four years only).

(vi)  Appointment of Auditors, deputation of chairman & other members of different committee as

mentioned in Article 11 (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6) & (7).

(vii)  Consideration of the amendments of the constitution, if any.

(viii)  Approbation of additional secretary, assistant secretary, office secretary & other staff as deputed

by secretary general mentioned in Article-8(6). Any other business for which 30 days notice has

been given.

2.  Notice specifying the date, time and place and giving the agenda, of the meeting shall be sent by

the Honorary Secretary General to all members of the General Council atleast 60 days before the

date of the meeting.

3.  Extra ordinary or special meeting of the General Council and of the Executive Committee shall be

summoned by the Honorary Secretary upon requisition in writing from 2/3rd of the members

specifying the nature of the business to be transacted.

4.  In case of emergency, the Executive Committee shall have the power to authorise the Honorary

Secretary General to call a special meeting of the Executive Committee, General Council to

consider any urgent business.

5.  Notice of meeting of the Executive Committee with the agenda shall be sent by the Honorary

Secretary General atleast 15 days before the date of meeting specifying the date, time and place

thereof. In case of emergency 10 days notice will be sufficient for the Executive Committee and

25 days for the General Council Meetings. :

6.  Votes at all meetings shall be cast by ballots by the members present and decisions shall be

taken by a simple majority vote except in the case of amendments to the constitution in which

case 2/3rd majority will be necessary.

7.  If, for any reason, whatsoever, the Honorary Secretary General fails to call any meeting of the

General Council or of the Executive Committee within 2 (two) months of the date of requisition,

the requisitions themselves shall have the right to call such a meeting on proper notice at the

official headquarter of the Federation.



(i) One third of the total members shall form the quorum in General Council and Executive

Committee Meetings, and other Committees and Sub-committees.

(ii)  If a meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, the adjourned meeting shall be held at the same

place after 15 minutes. There shall be no necessity of the prescribed quorum for such adjourned




No amendment shall be made to the constitution except at the Annual General Meeting or Special

General Meeting of the Federation for which 30 days notice has been given to the Secretary General and

adopted by 2/3rd of the number of members present.


Votes   Postal or Telegraphic votes may be taken with permission in writing of the President by the

Honorary Secretary General on urgent matters when it is not possible to call a meeting. The record of

each such vote shall be placed before the next meetings of the Executive Committee or Council for



TA/DA Allowance, Remuneration & conveyance (Petrol Expenses)

Members of the Executive Committee and the General Council of the Federation who represent various

States or Centrally sponsored areas should draw their T.A. and D.A. from their respective Governments,

as per rules in force in their respective States or Areas for attending meetings of the General Council,

Executive Committee, Special Committee, and attending National Meets. Patron in chief, President,

Honorary Secretary General and Hony. Treasurer shall draw T.A. & D.A. from the funds of the

Federation, if not drawn from any other source.

Officials from office of secretariat, Observers and Members of the all Committee chairperson & members

shall be eligible for T.A. & D.A., remuneration, conveyance (Petrol Expenses) from the funds of the SGFI

for such specific assignments as may be entrusted to them. The rates of T.A. and D.A., remuneration &

conveyance (petrol expenses) shall be framed by the Executive Committee of the Federation and the

Members eligible for T.A. & D.A., remuneration & conveyance from the Federation should be required to

submit their claims in the form to be prescribed by the Executive Committee. Such claims should be

sanctioned by the President or Secretary General before releasing the amount of T.A. & D.A.,

remuneration & conveyance by the Honorary Treasurer to the members concerned. The Secretary

General may also authorise payment of T.A. & D.A., remuneration & conveyance to any members of its

Council / committee or SGFI secretariat staff or any other person or official in connection with the affairs

of the Council or work assigned by this General Council, Executive Committee, President or Secretary

General if it is satisfied that he is not eligible for claiming such amounts from other sources. The rate at

which such claims should be approved may be decided by the Executive Committee. If any affiliated unit

organizes the national school games in their state then in such case as per the written orders of secretary

general and according to chapter XXI of revised rules & regulation of organization of national school

games the organizer shall bear the amount of TA DA, remuneration & conveyance for the officials

deputed by SGFI during the tournament. The rate of TA, DA, Conveyance, Remuneration of SGFI

officials of SGFI secretariat will as per the Article-8 of “Manual of SGFI Secretariat”.


In all matter which have not been specially legislated for, the decision of the Executive Committee of the

Federation shall be final and binding. The interpretation of the article of Constitution, rules etc. by the

Executive Committee shall be final.


1.  The organizing committee is responsible for participant's accommodation & transport

arrangements during the tournaments and all technical arrangements in connection with the


2.  All the affiliated units of the Federation will be required to shoulder the responsibility of holding

National/Regional Schools Meets in their jurisdiction according to the annual calendar to be

prepared by the Federation before the commencement of the year. A member State/affiliated

Centrally Sponsored area will have to bear expenditure on account of technical arrangements,

residential arrangements, transport, contingency, conveyance (petrol expenses), remuneration

and T.A. & D.A. of the President, Honorary Secretary General, Honorary Treasurer, members of

the Technical Committee and other officials of the Federation deputed by it. It is mandatory for

organizing units to fulfill the terms & condition in Annexure-3 issued by General Council SGFI.

3.  The participating States shall bear expenditure of their players on account of travelling, uniform,

boarding, registration fee, miscellaneous expenditure during journeys. It is mandatory to for

every participating team to fill their official entry form on the official website of SGFI. As per the

rules of SGFI after clicking on the “confirm & print” button and taking out the print of official entry

form along with Agreement Annexure-4, signed by competent authority of affiliated unit, coach &

manager and submit the documents as per Annexure 4 (para 11) at the control room situated at

the venue of tournament, which is mandatory. Each participant units must have insurance for all

members of delegation. Concluding compulsory insurance cover particulary health, accident &

travel insurance for all members of its delegation by participating unit in National School


4.  A State may establish State Schools Sports Association in which case the State should nominate

a representative of the State Schools Sports Association on the General Council of the

Federation along with the other nominee.

5.  The National School Meets should be organised in three or four groups to reduce the number of

participants at each such meet and to avoid difficulties to providing accommodation and making

other arrangements of the participants. If so decided by the Federation, Zonal Meets may have to

be organised preceeding the National Meets with the object of widening the scope of competitive

sports and classifying players into performance groups.

6.  The Secretary General will appoint a Observer, a technical officer in each disciplines & referee in

each discipline as needed & also Technical Committee for each National School Games or sport

included under its programme. Such a Technical Committee should consist of qualified coaches

and officials to plan and organise Zonal/ National Meets. A representative of the National

Federation of Games and Sports may also be invited for the purpose.

7.  The Federation will maintain a panel of Coaches and referees whose services can be utilised in

organising the various National School Meets.

8.  In National School Games organized by SGFI age group, date of birth class and age of players is

                             as follows:



Age Group


Calculation of Age



Below 11 Years

5th Class Student & Below

Age is to be calculating from 31st December of the Year



Below 14 Years

8th Class Student & Below

Age is to be calculating from 31st December of the Year



(only for cricket)

Below 16 Years

10th Class Student & Below

Age is to be calculating from 31st December of the Year



Below 17 Years

10th Class Student & Below

Age is to be calculating from 31st December of the Year



Below 19 Years

12th Class Student & Below

Age is to be calculating from 31st December of the Year

9. The Federation shall establish a Sub-Committee consisting five members who shall be eminent personalities of sports to spot out talents from amongst the competitors at National Meets. Once such talents are spotted out, the Federation will persue the work of ensuring facilities for improving their standards with the help of Govt. of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and the State Government concerned. Annual Coaching Camps will also be organised for such talents as well as for participants of the National Zonal Meets.

10. The Federation shall take all possible steps to develop facilities for organising National Coaching Camps, Refresher Courses, Clinic, National Orientation Training Programme, Test & Gradation and developing a Sports Complex subject to availability of funds from SGFI resources or receipt of Central Government and State Government grants.

11. Details regarding participation in International Meets, preliminary arrangements for selection and deputation of the School Games Federation of India teams abroad, will be finalized by the Executive Committee of the Federation for which purpose special sub- Committees may be appointed by the Executive Committee.

12. The Federation shall frame rules & regulation and bye-laws for the organization of National School Games / Competition & also from the rules & regulation of different disciplines recognized by SGFI, which shall be circulated amongst the members from time to time. 

13. All the National School Championship / Tournaments shall be organized according to the Revised Rules & Regulation of the Organization of National School Games auspices in School Games Federation of India 2011.